My Daily Workflow

My workflow has greatly improved over the years and I’ve ended up creating a system of designing and developing webpages for clients. Long gone are the days of manually writing code from scratch and looking up instructions on how to perform a task. Allow me to introduce you to the tools I use for my work.

Notepad++You can’t write code efficiently without a good editor, and Notepad++ has been my go-to editor since I began programming at the age of 13, almost 7 years ago. The wonderful color schemes, custom compile parameter options, and grouping of block structures in code is what keeps me coming back.
GistsI always need a place to store snippets of important code somewhere, and Gists is what I use to do it. I’ve stored countless small snippets of code in Gists, helping to keep my skills sharp, and also reduce the need to use the internet for finding a solution to a programming issue.
FilezillaYou can’t upload webpages, scripts, and other files to the internet without using a webserver, and Filezilla helps to reduce the complexity of using the FTP of a web server.
Photoshop CS4The world’s premiere photo editing application, and for a reason. Any photo operation can be performed through Photoshop. Removing backgrounds? Enhancing the quality of images? Even creating original art? Photoshop can do it.
Google Web FontsProbably one of my most essential design tools. Although graphics can make a webpage great, correct usage of fonts can take any website to the next level of professionalism. I tend to use elegant book fonts, like for example Playfair Display, Volkhov, and Cardo fonts.
WordPress: My absolute all time favorite CMS, WordPress is what I’ve used for many of my client’s needs. The user-friendly interface allows me to teach my clients how to make their own updates to their personal page, allowing them to take control of their own site instead of constantly needing a web designer to revision small changes into a webpage.
Chrome: Google Chrome plays an extremely vital role in my development process. Although I use it to preview my pages, I know that if a webpage displays correctly on Chrome, then that webpage will most of the time display correctly on other browsers as well.
Chrome Developer Tools: Google Chrome Developer Tools has changed the way I create webpages. Never again will I repeatedly upload HTML and CSS code revisions to a webserver and hope to have an issue solved. I am able to directly edit the HTML and CSS of any webpage, change code and in real-time view the changes. When I’m satisfied with the changes I’ve made, all I have to do is copy the changes over to the server’s related files.