Web Developer/

I'm a web developer and an FAU student based in Coconut Creek, Florida. I have over 3 years in web-related experience with 2 roles in E-commerce storefronts. I've been doing work for clients over the last 5 years, and can provide web development services to give your business an online presence. I can give clients: Responsive design, high compatibility, intuitive user-friendly experiences, e-Commerce storefronts, and WordPress sites.

Take time to browse my portfolio and resumé. Feel free to contact me if your interested in my services. If your a fellow developer, take some time to check out the source of this site on my Github along with my other projects.

My Workflow

For the initial design process, I use Adobe Photoshop to produce any drafts and graphical elements. Whenever different fonts are necassary, I use Google Web Fonts.

For the development stages, I use Brackets for my IDE. I'm a huge fan of the real-time browser preview feature, and the powerful interface. I then use GitHub to manage and keep track of any revisions for various projects (as well as allowing the public to view my code). I use Chrome to view results since Chrome and Firefox are extremely popular web-browsers. Chrome displays a typical approximation of what will be shown on other browsers (but of course I test on IE, Firefox, Safari, and mobile devices regardless in post-production). For development of e-Commerce storefronts, I use WooCommerce, but I have experience in using Prestashop and OpenCart.

As for what languages and frameworks I use, I try to keep a proven set of tools. For web development projects I stick with: HTML, CSS (CSS3 is implemented on occassion, but I care more about compatibility than anything so I tend not to use it), Javascript with Jquery, PHP, and MySQL (I found MySQL to be the most widely supported and no-frills database there is).

What I aim for is not just a pleasant UX, but also high-compatibility. This website your currently browsing can be viewed on a multitude of resolutions, can be viewed with JavaScript disabled, and has been tested to work on Internet Explorer (9 and above), Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and mobile browsers.

Current Projects

I'm currently developing JamStream.co, a music streaming database that gives anyone a chance at getting their work heard by others. I currently have a working interface, and various functions such as user interactions and MP3 uploading working. Right now I'm working on creating a messaging/notification system through PHP, a chatting system with Node.js, refining the user interface, and converting the codebase's MySQL queries to MySQLi.

I'm also working on my next album "Trifects", which I hope to unviel on JamStream. This album will be an ode to my roots in music, which is 90's electronic music. Since I was a child, electronic music, specifically French House music appealed to me more than any other genre out there. With this album, I hope to achieve a level of quality that I've never reached before, and hopefully garner attention from the public to propel JamStream forward.