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My name is David Cardoso, and I'm a web developer based in South Florida. I'm currently working with Bricks and Mortar Creative.

I use a variety of languages, frameworks, and solutions to give clients not just an online presence, but a powerful and memorable product to be proud of.


I can take a project from just being an idea, to a robust and scalable web application

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JamStream (Alpha)

The first version of my passion project. JamStream's goal is to make a front page to music on the internet that any musician can participate in, that tries to go against the common impulse of relying on plays/stats, and focuses on quality of music.

HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, PHP, MySQL

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A simple invoicing and quoting application that utilizes a front-end stack, and handles sending emails to clients.

HTML5, CSS3 + SASS, Javascript/JQuery, Handlebars, Node.js, Express, DocX + XlsX, MongoDB

(Project Pending)


A minimal and distraction-free Reddit viewer.

HTML5, CSS3 + SASS, Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome, PrettyPhoto, Javascript/JQuery, Node.js, React, Webpack, Redux

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Incentivize Extension 1.0.0

A Magento extension I created while interning with Bricks and Mortar that adds an incentivizer form to allow subscribed customers to receive free coupons.

PHP, MySQL, Magento API

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Tulip Jewels

Tulip Jewels was originally built in Prestashop, then helped migrate the system to WooCommerce. I designed many of the elements seen on the page. I created a database of over 300 products complete with item descriptions, prices, variations, and enhanced product photos. And used AppMobi to publish an APK android package to the Google Play Store.

HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, PHP, Wordpress + WooCommerce

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Lenco CNC

Lenco CNC is a CNC Lathe manufacturing company that requested to have a webpage done on Wordpress coupled with the WooCommerce shopping cart platform so the company's owner can add products to the catalog. Minimal and responsive in design.

HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, PHP, Wordpress + WooCommerce

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Scaffold Theme

A simple Wordpress theme that includes a custom SCSS framework, and a theme options panel to easily customize it's appearance.

HTML5, CSS3 + SASS, Javascript/JQuery, Waypoints.js, PHP, Wordpress

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A PHP snippet and tutorial website I maintain as both a way to learn more about PHP, and to gain an understanding of SEO and acquiring users through content creation.

HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, PHP, Wordpress

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Dacard Web Solutions

At the start of my freelancing, I hoped to start a small marketing business called "Dacard" so I established a company site. I ended up doing work under my name, but setting up a professional site was exciting.

HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, PHP, Wordpress

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Mental Muscle Performance

Mental Muscle Performance’s homepage was made with WordPress, using the chunk theme (because the theme font matched the typography from the logo), and modified the CSS to match Mr. Nick Davenport’s requirements for his page. The site includes a blogging “News Feed” section, a services and donation page, and a photo gallery.

HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, PHP, Wordpress

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Dub tha Prodigy Homepage

Homepage and shop for an extremely talented music producer in the Broward area.

HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, Handlebars, Shopify API

(Project Pending)


I attempted to make a minimal and intuitive budget calculator. Tried to follow Google's material design guidelines but instead slightly deviated a bit. I used Chart.js for the animated pie chart.

HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, Chart.js

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